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Title: -
Characters: Kakashi and Rin, mention of Obito
Challenge: Betrayal
Rating: PG
Word Count: 224 words

He had always liked her, because maybe if there were more people like her his father would not have become a disgrace and killed himself. And if there were more people like her, maybe he would not have been shunted for what his father had done.


She had smiled, when they first met. She had smiled all throughout knowing him, and watching her had taught him to as well. He watched her love the people around her and learn to heal for them, something he could never do because his talent lay in killing- a talent he had inherited from his father, whose own talent had killed him.

But now he watched her cry, tears streaming back and flying into the wind; watched as she looked at him with such sad eyes that cried for the love of their teammate even as they ran from the battleground.

He knew that she liked him, only he had not been able to say the same to her all this while.

And he still could not.

He could not do this to Obito, not with his body lying dead just a few hundred metres back, not with Obito's eye raw in his head, not to Obito, his friend...

"Rin," Kakashi said. "Obito liked you."

He could not betray Obito, but he could betray himself.

Okay. I like this fic now. It actually sounds nice while reading, and I can't remember what I didn't like about it before besides that it doesn't flow as nicely at the end. I remember there were tons of little things I was nit-picking about though. Hmm.

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