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I'm not quite satisfied with this, I know the grammar is weird somewhere because of the length of the lines and this whole thing is not pretty because I was trying to stuff a lot of pretty phrases in, haha. Er. Comments? Jenny?

Title: Amidst the ashes
Character(s): Yondaime
Challenge: Mythical beasts
Word Count: 170

He goes down in the flames of his coat, emitting a bright white light that blinds - and binds. He goes down in a blaze of glory that leaves neither room nor time for mourning, or for regret.

The shinobi of Konoha witness this sacrifice of their leader with terrible dread, hoping desperately that he will rise again, and they are numb with disbelief when he remains fallen long after the demon fox is vanquished.

But the Yondaime is not dead. A Hokage never dies, and the Yondaime does not. He is instead reborn in his successor, intermingled with the smouldering ashes that will someday be rekindled into a big blaze when he is once again called on to defend his village.

In the aftermath, the Sandaime finds life in death, a completed cycle, and the cradle in the grave. He stares down into the brilliant blue eyes of the crying infant in his arms, and as he mourns he realizes the Yondaime is the one who truly found immortality.

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