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FIC: Accomplishment

Title: Accomplishment
Character(s): Kakashi, Sasuke
Word Count: 469
In which Sasuke gets caught and character death ensues. It's kind of vague, I'll admit.

We have him.

There is the instance of a dull, aching thud and the smouldering of a hurt brought on by betrayal, and Kakashi realises it is possible for a heart to break.

He forces ice into his veins and hardness into his eyes as the most elite of Konoha's ANBU force their fugitive down to his knees. They have lost many of their own along the chase, and they will not let the sacrifice of others go to waste.

This mission will be completed, no matter what the cost.

The raven-haired youth is snarling, an instinctive animal need to be free rising in his spirit. He rears up, or tries to, but is held down by his hunters. He is the trapped fox in a foxhunt; only the true fox-kit lies dead in a clearing a mile back - Sasuke did what the Yondaime could not. The hounds are baying for blood, only these are not hounds but humans trained to kill and who breathe death.

Death is thick in the air and Hatake Kakashi wonders where and when he failed the boy genius. He has to force back everything that threatens to rise like a tsunami and crash down against his battle-honed defenses – he cannot do this,

The Yamanaka girl forcing Sasuke down with the others raises her head and stares at him through her mask and Kakashi knows she will use her shintenshin to make him kill Sasuke, even though that would ensure her own death. You are elite ANBU and you cannot kill? He gathers himself and forms three seals.

The sound of a thousand – no, a multitude of birds erupts louder than ever before and he rushes forward, death in his hands and in his hooded, haunted eyes.

Kakashi will never forget slamming his and through his student's chest, (not his student but the traitor who killed a Sannin and near leveled Konoha in his mad, mad quest for more), nor meeting Sasuke's eyes with his own for the last time. Aren't you proud of me, sensei, they ask and then widen in shock as ANBU blades slice the neck below open.

Kakashi will not forget the resonance of the thousand birds that is Sasuke's endsong, because he never uses his chidori, again (because it isn't really his jutsu anymore but Sasuke's as well, and Sasuke is dead)

Kakashi tells himself not to forget the stricken look on Sasuke's face because he was only a youth and had his life (which he destroyed) before him,

Don't make promises to yourself that you can't keep, he thinks six months later as he visits the place where Sasuke died, and twelve months later his memory of the event is fading and all he can really remember (or chooses to) is that he has failed someone again.

X-Posted to acanti.
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Yo. This sounds nicer now that I read it again! I think I'm outgrowing the familiarity complex, whee. I can see the research in this- chidori needing 3 handseals, Ino's jutsu name [shintenshin, shintenshin! *drills into self's head*]... maybe it's just me XD I like the ending anyhow and for some strange reason, I can see your icon style in your writing, lol.
This is nice. I like how there's this whole conflict thing going on, the whole mad chase for sasuke and how everyone wanting to kill him contrasts with kakashi himself and how he doesn't want to but knows he has to go through this, eventually. And how out of all the other anbu it just HAS to be kakashi, giving the feeling of so much more because kakashi probably feels this too.

hmm i am liking a lot of your fic better now. i think this is purvis influence haha. but i am actually seeing what i like and what strikes as good to me. [similarly vice versa but well they don't really matter XD]