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Drabbles from long ago.

These are painful. However since Jenny is posting her detached lips no jutsu fic here I shall post these too, haha.

Title: Alpha, beta, omega.
Character(s): Sasuke, Kabuto, Orochimaru
Word Count: 322
Something I could see happening in Episode 135.

Sasuke-kun. You are my chosen one.

That doesn't matter. Hurry up and give me power.

Something snapped inside Kabuto.

"Show some respect to your new master, you brat." He hissed in a low voice, moving from behind Sasuke with a speed that caught him unaware. The Uchiha boy was spun around roughly and slammed against the dank wall next to him, both of his arms in Kabuto's harsh grip and half of Kabuto's arm pinned against his chest, pressing him into the wall. Rendering him incapable of motion, and physically defenseless. It was a show of superiority, a move calculated to remind the Uchiha of his place. Orochimaru was alpha, Kabuto beta and Sasuke far behind.

"Watch your mouth."

Orochimaru had turned around and was now watching the tableau laid out before him with great interest. Kabuto could tell that he took pleasure in the power play and in his own jealous emotions. Damn. He knows me too well.

"Your master, not mine." Sasuke's voice was filled with careless disdain, but as Kabuto tightened his grip in a surge of anger his voice drove harder, lowered a pitch.

"And you are his dog."

Sasuke narrowed his eyes and Kabuto was suddenly trapped in a brief world of churning red and black. There was nothing for miles but the chaotic surge of energy that reared and roared like a fearful beast, or like the untamable wild ocean. Crashing tidal waves of overwhelming chakra rose up and engulfed him, and with a sinking sense of realization he knew that this child, Orochimaru's chosen one, was better than he would ever be. Sasuke's show of power far outstripped his pathetic attempt to exert dominance, and he was beaten through and through.

He was flung backwards, the dull crack of the back of his head connecting with the prison bars of the cell opposite only heightening his shame as he slammed forcefully into the metal.

Title: Untitled. Lol.
Character(s): Sasuke, Itachi
Challenge: Waterfall from Emm.
Word Count: 341
Because no other waterfall came to mind. :/ AU.

The rain was falling all around him, but Sasuke couldn't hear it. The thought crossed his mind that maybe Naruto had deafened him somehow during the fight as he gazed down. His fallen rival, his fallen best friend was prone on the ground, unconsciousness robbing him of the agony of his wounds.

That was when he heard it, and froze.

Those soft footfalls behind him belonged to Itachi. His traitor Uchiha brother.

He whirled around and in that instance pain lanced through his shoulder, coursing through his body. He gasped and collapsed to his knees, glaring at the kin he had sworn to kill through the hazy mist of pain and the rapidly-enclosing veil of unconsciousness. Naruto had hit him harder than he assumed.

Coughing up blood, he gathered his chakra in a vain attempt to carry out that vow, and failed as his chakra went haywire. His brother stood above him, looking coldly down.

The rain started to fall harder as he hit the ground, all vestiges of strength having fled. Itachi moved in to pick up Naruto – Naruto! – effortlessly and carried his immobile body away; and thus the Akatsuki claimed their prize. The Kyuubi vessel was theirs now, and as Sasuke hacked up more blood he felt the keen slash against his mind and pride. Naruto was acknowledged above him, he was utterly disregarded and he was still too weak too weak. Fresh pain scythed through both body and soul, and perhaps his brother has felt it. Itachi stopped and turned, staring intensely at him.

The Sharingan remained inactivated. Sasuke was not dangerous enough to warrant that; yet another blow.

"You are still weak, little brother. If this boy is your closest friend, you will never have the Mangekyou Sharingan." He walked away.

The roaring of the waterfall of the Valley of the End is the last thing to reach his ears, accompanied by the faint dance of the raintears as Uchiha Sasuke closes his eyes, and forgets the wild howl of ragepain and anguish echoing through his mind.

Title: He prefers blondes.
Character(s): Orochimaru and Tsunade, a mention of Jiraiya.
Challenge: He prefers blondes, from Jenny.
Word Count: 150
Because I didn't want to write Ino. =P One-sided Orochimaru/Tsunade, hm.

Orochimaru has a one-track mind.

The girls all find him fascinating. He is strong, he lurks in the shadows, he is the quiet but clever teammate of the infamous Jiraiya. He finds them annoying and pathetically weak, though, and does not like any of them at all.

Tsunade is the one who quite literally sweeps him off his feet. She has him out cold with one might blow when their sensei, desperate to stop her and Jiraiya from their eternal bickering, pairs up with Orochimaru to force them to defend each other from their teammate and sensei.

He remembers this many years later, the memory surfacing in the blinding white noise that comes as Tsunade's fist connects with his head. As he strains to remain conscious, the cold calm feeling of like and admire crawls up his skin like the snakes so integral to him.

He thinks he prefers blondes.
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