sunhorizon (sunhorizon) wrote in muggernins,

Sasuke Sound crack. This is what comes out of Char and I discussing how Avril Lavigne's [omg i forgot the song title] would suit Sasuke perfectly. throw in much laughing and lame jokes and this is the result.

"It's a damn!cold!night! Trying to figure out this life! Blam blam blam, ye-owwww!" Sasuke yowled, complete with guitar.

Oh no, Kabuto thought. He's at it again. Glancing out the window, he could make out the clear silhouette of Sasuke perched atop a nearby roof, belting his angsty teenaged heart out. Too bad for Kabuto that Sasuke sang about as well as Tsunade gambled. Any second now...

"ARGHHHHHHHH!!!!!" Orochimaru's anguished yells sounded from next door. It was *nearly* loud enough to block out Sasuke's yowls. Nearly being the keyword. To Kabuto it would've been perfect as the back-up vocals- Sasuke and the Screeching Snakes, or something like that.

"Take me by the hand take me somewhere far, don't know who you are, but I!" Sasuke proclaimed, hopelessly out of tune.

"Kabuto!" Orochimaru stormed into Kabuto's room. "Can't you do anything about-"

"I'M WITH YOUUUUUUU!!!" Sasuke continued. Loudly.

Kabuto found it amusing that Orochimaru, part of the Legendary Sannin, creator of his own forbidden jutsu and overall much-feared bad ass had screamed and ran, purple antennae bobbing in the breeze of his fast-running feet. Not that Kabuto much blamed him, as he paid attention to Sasuke's singing.

And winced. They thought they'd heard the worst of it when just last week Sasuke had delivered his own rendition of Aaron Carter's "I Want Candy". "I WANT POWERRRR" he had sung, complete with guitar blamming and chakra flashing lights. Orochimaru had ordered Kabuto to silence Sasuke and he had willingly obliged, duct-taping the latter's mouth, tying him up and throwing him into one of the dungeons. Kabuto had also for good measure, smashed up Sasuke's guitar.

Which was when everyone in Rice Field Country discovered that Uchiha Sasuke was, besides a quick learner, child genius and possesor of a very sought-after bloodline limit, a ventriloquist as well. And a damn good one at that.

Plus he had managed to jutsu himself a guitar.

Orochimaru had made up some crap about his vessel needing to get proper nourishment and relented. It was easier (on the ears) that way- Sasuke only sang on some nights instead of every waking minute, Orochimaru had sobbed before high-tailing as far away from the dungeons as possible.

"Isn't anyone trying to find me! Come take me hooooome! To~Konoha! To~Konoha!" Sasuke screeched to the tune of 'Ye~ah! Ye~ah!'.

Kabuto took out a pair of ear plugs and reclined in his seat. Ah, peace. He smirked. As far as he knew, Orochimaru didn't have a pair of them. It was a miracle he was still alive, Kabuto mused. In the meantime, he prayed that Sasuke never decided to use Kage Bunshin before singing.
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