char y (acanti) wrote in muggernins,
char y

Title: The Butterfly Effect
Character(s): Itachi, Chouji, Neji, Temari, Akatsuki, one big scary monster.
Challenge: The butterfly effect
Word Count: 113

The Uchiha clan lay dying, choking on their own blood.

The butterfly flaps away and Chouji stares up into the approaching storm, his face filling with dread.

Neji stands stunned, overwhelmed by the rising chaos of the chakra world around him.

Temari's winds scream and howl, breaking away from their mistress for the first time ever.

The Akatsuki did manage to fulfill their goal. One manic demon rears up in the wreck of a village some distance off, made up of the tailed demons that they collected and fused together. Its immense chakra rages and thrashes, extending far, far beyond the area.

Itachi lies dying in a cave, choking on his own blood.

I like the concept, but I'm not too sure about the way I executed it. Oh well. I still think it's too subtle, but never mind! I will uh improve it one day.
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