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char y

Title: Untitled.
Character(s): Sakura, Sasuke, Orochimaru.
Challenge: Fairy tales
Word Count: 190

Did I make Orochimaru too subtle? ;_; Haha. He's supposed to have taken over Sasuke's body already, thus the weird physical features.

She had been away on a mission when Sasuke had returned to Konoha three years after he had left. He was sick, she'd heard, and like a good teammate Sakura was worried to death about him. Taking a day off from training, the pink-haired chuunin was soon pushing open the door of his hospital ward. The boy looked up at his visitor, startled, and Sakura clutched her basket of fruits for him before walking tentatively nearer.

"Oh! What – what odd eyes you have, Sasuke-kun!"

All the better to transfix you with. "All the better to copy with."

"And...and what a strange tongue you have," she said softly, rooted to the ground in growing horror.

All the better to deceive you with. "All the better to -"

"And," she barely whispered, cold beads of sweat running down her back, "what sharp teeth you have."

"All the better to kill you with."

The unearthly yellow eyes bled slowly into the red of the Sharingan, then swiftly back to yellow again.

They never found either of the bodies, but they did remember the blood-washed walls of the room for a long time.

X-Posted to naruto100.
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