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Be amazed. Be very amazed. For I am actually typing a fic out on LJ. For I am actually ficcing -_- Char and my plot bunny, this is the both of your faults. A titled fic!

Title: Generation after generation
Challenge: History Repeats Itself
Characters: Neji, Hinata. Hyuugacest and the Hyuuga.
Word Count: 152
Notes: I always start writing with next to no idea what I'm writing about -_- This bunny just screamed, "Neji! Hina! Hyuuga!" in my ear and hopped away. Damn bunnies. Criticism much appreciated.

He watches her, this girl who will someday rule the clan. This girl with the black hair and the white eyes and the breaths that come heavily when she fights. To him she should just be any girl, any cousin, only they are the Hyuuga and he is what he is. What, not who, and it is what that defines his every existence. The black hair and the white eyes and the fairness of skin do not make a Hyuuga but mark them out as one. Some marks are more than skin deep.

Birds know nothing of the songs they sing, only that they must for their mates, and for the spring to come. And Neji is just like any bird, caged but nonetheless. Spring after spring it follows, and generation after generation it repeats. And for survival, it must continue.

Like puppets dancing a pantomime. The Hyuuga are an in-bred clan.

This reminded me of some Melodies of Life (FF9) lyrics.

And so it goes on and on
Melodies of Life, to the sky beyond the flying birds
Forever and beyond

I bet you don't think the lyrics're nice >( but the whole song is, so there hah.
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