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Okay this is not Naruto related. But since we don't have a Bleach comm I figured I'd post this here!

Title: -
Words: -
Characters: Kenpachi, Yachiru

"Ken-chan!!!" Yachiru called, getting impatient.

"Comin', comin'... geez, cant'cha wait fer jus' a sec? Blankie- blanket's not gonna run away," Kenpachi scowled, strolling into Yachiru's room with a faded pink blanket slung over his shoulder.

"Yay! Blankie-chan!! Blankie-chan!!" Yachiru boinged on the bed, clapping her hands together happily. It was a nightly ritual for the 11th Division Captain to retrieve Yachiru's blanket from his cupboard and proceed to tuck her in. The cupboard was a precautionary measure because shit, there was no way he'd allow a pink blanket to be lying around the 11th. What if somebody saw? He'd never be able to scare the balls off of anyone again. This way was safer, everyone was too dickless to even think of opening one of Zaraki Kenpachi's cupboards, least of all one labelled 'Yachiru'.

Yachiru made a sudden grabbing motion at the pink piece of cloth, and in a swift motion Kenpachi dodged, waved it in a somewhat bull fashion as Yachiru giggled, then deftly wrapped it around her, thereby covering her completely.

"Ken-chan!!! You cheated!!!" She said accusingly, voice slightly muffled under the blanket. "You weren't supposed'ta stop the game that fast!"

"Hnn. You'll get another chance tomorrow," he replied. He didn't need to look to know Yachiru was glaring at him and crossing her arms underneath it. "'Sides, you're getting faster. Can't let ya get the one-up on me now can I?" Yachiru beamed (again, invisibly) and let out a "Nope! But Ken-chan's the best!" as Kenpachi made his way towards the door. He was nearly there when Yachiru started talking again.

"Ne... Ken-chan..." she said, popping her head out of the top of the blanket.

"Eh? What now?" he replied.

"Ne... Ken-chan's always the one tucking me in! Why don't I ever get a turn to tuck Ken-chan in!" Yachiru seemed to ponder this seriously for a while. Kenpachi saw the look in Yachiru's eyes and sighed resignedly.


"An' make sure you have enough water an' stuff! I'm gonna switch off the lights now okay!" Yachiru beamed and bounced out of the room, rocheting off the light switch on the way. Kenpachi lay in bed, sighing at the ceiling. Never mind that Yachiru's bed-time was all of eight o'clock, never mind that he still had a ton of work to do by morning, and never mind that he didn't usually go to sleep in full captain attire. Yachiru had gotten an idea, and there would be hell to pay if he didn't do it. Not that he hadn't argued. He should have just thrown out that old pink blanket years ago. He sighed again and turned over, hoping she wouldn't do this again tomorrow and knowing he wouldn't have much say anyway.

Critique much appreciated.
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