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char y

Title: Worthy.
Character(s): Kakashi, his kuchiyose hounds
Challenge: Dogs
Word Count: 235

There is no room for errors in war. One slip is all it takes to fall, one moment of carelessness is all that is needed for an enemy's kunai to slip past your defenses and slit open your throat.

Kakashi fights his way past the other Konoha shinobi, a blur of motion and a scarlet line across a few necks. Five of his hounds are here, his summoned faithful. He will be able to call the full pack in time, when his chakra control has improved and when the hounds accept him as one of their own, as the leader of their pack. They have answered to his father before him, and are more willing to follow him to the death with each ninja he kills - they will only answer to a worthy leader.

Prove yourself worthy.

Kakashi fights far beyond his age, and finally he is crouched over the leader of the squad of ninja they are up against, the deadly canines of his dogs holding him down for him to make a kill. Their fur is slick with his blood, pressed heavily into his side to keep him on the ground. Kakashi takes a deep breath, and looks with dead eyes at the last remaining enemy ninja, blood running along his clutched kunai.

Neither is there place for a child in battle.

cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war.

crossposted to naruto100, this one was quite hasty and raw and yes I quoted Shakespeare. :D
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